Evidence / Property

Sergeant Ryan Dykstra
Evidence Custodian
98 Buchanan Street
Carthage, IL 62321
Office: 217-357-2115
Fax: 217-357-3035


Evidence Division – The Evidence Division is responsible for the personal property and physical evidence at the Hancock County Sheriff's Office.  The primary functions of the Evidence Custodian is to receive evidence through proper intake, control, storage, maintaining the "chain-of-custody" through documentation and record keeping, as well as the return or disposal of property.

Returning Property – The Evidence Custodian is responsible for returning property according to Illinois State Statute.  The Evidence Custodian may not have the authority to release property taken as evidence and may require authorization from the Investigating Deputies and/or the Hancock County State's Attorney's Office.​

Property Release Regulations – Property no longer of evidentiary value, property ordered released by court order, or property associated with an expired period of safekeeping, may be released to its rightful owner.  The Evidence Custodian will send a notification letter to the owner's last known address – stating that the property can be retrieved from the Hancock County Sheriff's Office.  The following regulations are adhered to during the property release procedure:

  • Property is released by a scheduled appointment only and will not be released to the owner without proper photo identification (driver's license, state ID card, or passport).  You may also be requested to supply proof of ownership; and,
  • Evidence and/or property that was used in the commission of a crime, such as a controlled substance, related instruments, or contraband that is unlawfully used or possessed, shall be destroyed.
  • The return of firearms is controlled by law, which prohibits possession of firearms by convicted felons, persons convicted of domestic violence offenses, persons subject to certain court orders, and persons with pending criminal cases. If you are an Illinois resident you will be required to possess a valid FOID card at time of receipt.  If you do not have a valid FOID card, you must authorize the Hancock County Sheriff's Office to transfer your firearms to another individual with a valid FOID card.  A Firearms Disposition Record should be completed upon transfer.