Crash Report Information

If you are involved in a crash

Motorists involved in a crash will receive important information from the Deputy who handles the crash either via form handed out on scene, form sent in mail, or form sent via email.

The Deputy's name, Crash Report Number, and Date of Crash are what is required to search for your report on Lexis Nexis' website.

The link for the Illinois Department of Transportation is also on these forms. You are required to complete the information on IDOT's website within 10 days after receiving your crash report.

The link can also be found below if needed.

Deputies will complete your crash report in a timely manner and submit them to their supervisor for approval. Once they are approved they will be made ready for you to purchase from Lexis Nexis or to request from our office.

To report a crash please call 911 as needed or our regular phone line, 217-357-2115, for non-emergency crashes.