Sheriff’s Office


Citizens and visitors of Hancock County,

On May 28, 2021 Sheriff Travis Duffy was sworn in to fill the remainder of Retired Sheriff Scott Bentzinger's term, November 2022. Sheriff Duffy has been a Deputy Sheriff in Hancock County for over 21 years. Sheriff Duffy wishes to express his thanks for the support of the Republican Central Committee, the Hancock County Board, and especially Retired Sheriff Bentzinger.

Sheriff Duffy also announces that Josh Smith will serve as Chief Deputy, Maria Hopp still serves as 911 Administrator, and Kelly Twaddle still serves as Jail Administrator.

We have welcomed a few new Deputies to the office as well. Deputy Willo Quivey, Deputy Ben Schweizer, and Deputy Kaylan Hendrickson have joined our team. We still have one open Deputy Position, see the link on the left to download an application.

Sheriff Duffy looks forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Hancock County and helping to ensure that this is a safe and wonderful place to live!



Sheriff Travis Duffy