Online Access

The Hancock County Clerk & Recorder's office has launched our new web-based
application that allows for remote access to documents recorded in our office. The
Hancock County Clerk & Recorder of Deeds diligently works to ensure that we provide our
customers with overall top-notch service. This implementation is another part of our
ongoing effort to improve customer delivery and provide quality customer service.

Currently, our indexes for recorded documents are available through 1992. Hancock
County also has images dating back further that are not indexed. Customers now have
several options available to conduct research as described below.

Search records 24 hours a day!


A charge per search designed for the occasional user.

All you need is a web browser for 24 x 7 access to Hancock County land records. Tapestry
allows for both pay-as-you-go access and open account payment plans.

  • For answers to additional Tapestry related questions, please call our office at
    If searching for a plat: example Plat Book 3, Page 4 type Plat03-0004. In searching for a survey: example Survey Book 10, Page 1 type Survey10-0001.
  • Link to Tapestry


  • 24/7 Remote Internet Access
  • Secure browser-based access
  • Search various parameters (grantor/grantee, date range, legal description, etc)


  • Index / Image Search - $8.75 per search
  • Print Copies - $1.00 per page
  • Flexible Payment Options:
  • Pay-as-you-go with a credit card - Visa & MasterCard accepted

Helpful Hints:

  • LESS IS MORE - only search under one criteria.
  • For example, last name only or subdivision only.
  • Searching by PIN is not recommended.

An account-based search designed for users who consistently search in Hancock County.

You have 24-hour access through Laredo to Hancock county's records.

To sign up:

Print, fill out, and submit the Laredo agreement under the Hancock County Clerk and Recorder's Services Provided page. Agreement can be downloaded from link

To search:

Once you have signed up and have been issued a username and password, download the "Laredo" software.

For more information:

Contact the Clerk & Recorder's Office at 217.357.3911 or email


  • Same user interface that is used on Recorder's work stations
  • Realtime 24 x 7 access
  • Customizable results screens
  • Subscription based

Cost: for all accounts there is a .25 cents per printed page as of December 1, 2020