Frequently Asked Questions

Holly Wilde-Tillman - Hancock County Clerk and Recorder

Holly Wilde-Tillman, Hancock County Clerk and Recorder

Frequently Asked Questions
Office of the County Clerk

Marriage License

How much does it cost to obtain a marriage license?
$75.00 paid by cash or check

How long is a marriage license good for?

The marriage license is effective for 60 days.

How long before the marriage license is effective?

There is a one day waiting period.

What identification is required when applying for a marriage license?

Photo ID

What information is required on the marriage application?

Name and address of the parties

Date of birth of the parties

City and state parties were born in

Social Security Number of parties

Name, address and state of birth of the parties father

Name, maiden name, address and state of birth of the parties mother Education of the parties

If either parties has been previously married, you will need to know the date of the divorce and the county and state you were previously married in

Can the marriage license be used anywhere other than Hancock County?

The marriage can be used only in Hancock County.

Hancock County Clerk


Where can I find more information about the Hancock County Clerk?

Birth Certificate

What is the fee for a search or certified copy?
The fee for a certified copy is $16 for the first copy and $11 for each additional copy.

What information do you need for a birth certificate or search request?

A written request, either by mail or in-person, and payment. Include:


The father's name and mother's maiden name

Location of the birth

Date of birth

The birth must have taken place in Hancock County

Vital Records


What is the fee for a search or certified copy?

You can request a certified copy online or in person for $16. If the record is found, we will provide you with a certified copy. If not, we will return the $10 and retain the $6 for a search fee.