2020 Real Estate Tax Bills

2019 Tax Bills will be mailed on June 3, 2020. First Installment due date is August 3, 2020 and second installment is due September 4, 2020. The delayed first installment due date gives tax payers longer to pay without penalty, but payments can be made immediately if you wish. Because of COVID-19, I am making the tax bills available to print on line for your convenience and safety. Payments can be made on line, over the phone using the number on the back of your tax bill, through the mail, in the drop box at the east door of the courthouse, at any Hancock County Bank, or in the office. Payment stubs with bar code must accompany payment or there will be a dollar charge for printing.

Mobile Home Tax bills were mailed April 22nd and are due July 10th.

Surplus property tax sale is scheduled for July 10th and catalogs will be available for purchase around June 10th.

Updated May 28, 2020