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Office of the Supervisor of Assessments

Address:   Supervisor of Assessments
  PO Box 444
  Carthage, IL 62321

  (217) 357-2615                                                                      

Heidi Wilson - Interim Supervisor of Assessments  

The duties of the Supervisor of Assessments (Chief County Assessment Officer - CCAO) include assisting taxpayers to ensure fair and accurate assessment of property in Hancock County, compiling assessment data from the township assessors, applying township equalization factors, maintaining ownership and exemption records, calculating farmland assessments, serving as clerk of the board of review, maintaining the GIS mapping system, ensuring proper flood plain administration, and serving as a member of the plat committee.

Kristen Palmer - Deputy Supervisor of Assessments                                              
Richard Wilson - Special Projects



The Hancock County Board is seeking a candidate to fill the position of Hancock County Supervisor of Assessments.  Applicants for this position must have a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer certificate, must have two years experience in property sales, finance, assessments or appraisals, and must pass an exam conducted by the Illinois Department of Revenue to determine competence.  The successful applicant will be in charge of an office staff and must exhibit very good public relations skills.  The position offers good benefits and health coverage.

Applications should be sent to:

     Hancock County Board

     ATTN: Finance Chairman

     P.O. Box 319

     Carthage, IL 62321

Applications must be received by December 8, 2017.  A decision will be made at the regularly scheduled December full board meeting.  Any questions about this position can be directed to the Assessment Office at 217-357-2615.


Useful Information

EXEMPTION FOR THOSE WHO OWN A PROPERTY IN HANCOCK COUNTY AND OCCUPY THAT PROPERTY --- If you own and occupy your property as your principal residence as of the first of January in a given year, you may apply for an exemption by submitting the Hancock County Owner Occupied Exemption Form. This exemption will remain in effect until you sell the property, move, or otherwise relinquish ownership or stop living on the property. There is no requirement to file annually.

EXEMPTION FOR ALL SENIOR CITIZENS (65 AND OVER) --- The year you turn 65, you are eligible to file an application for the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption using form PTAX-324. Once you have been entered into the system, there is no requirement to file annually. (The former annual requirement to file has been deleted.)

EXEMPTION FOR SOME SENIOR CITIZENS (65 AND OVER WITH A HOUSEHOLD INCOME NOT EXCEEDING $55,000) --- Once you have filed for your Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption (see above), you may be eligible for the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze and can file using form PTAX-340. (You must file for this exemption every year.) Please stop by the Assessment Office for details. 

EXEMPTION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES --- The Application for the Homestead Exemption for Persons With Disabilities (PTAX-343) is for people who have a verifiable disability. Once you have signed up, annual renewals (PTAX-343-R) and proof of disability (for example, a Physician's Statement - PTAX-343-A) are required. (For those under 65 who are receiving payments from the Social Security Administration, your annual Social Security notice is acceptable.) Please stop by the Assessment Office for details. 

EXEMPTION FOR VETERANS WITH DISABILITIES --- The Standard Homestead Exemption for Veterans with Disabilities (SHEVD) provides an exemption for certain veterans with a disability of 30% or higher as certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Initial filing for this exemption will be done using form PTAX-342 and the annual verification will be done using form PTAX-342-R. Annual VA certification letters can be obtained online at and assistance may be obtained by contacting Dan Deshong of the Hancock County Veteran's Assistance Commission at 217-617-7635. (A surviving spouse of a veteran who is receiving this exemption may also be eligible under certain circumstances.) Please stop by the Assessment Office for details.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS --- If you need to make changes to a name or an address or mailing address, you may request the change by writing a letter and mailing it (Supervisor of Assessments, PO Box 444, Carthage, IL 62321) or bringing it (Assessment Office, Hancock County Courthouse Room 2, 500 Main St., Carthage, IL) or emailing it ( or Include the date, your name and current mailing address, the Parcel Index Number (PIN) if available, the needed correction or change, and your signature. (You may also request a form letter by calling the Assessment Office (217-357-2615) and we will mail one to you.)

PROPERTY INFORMATION --- You can find out a wealth of information concerning most properties in Hancock County by visiting the Assessment Office website ( This website is continually being upgraded, so stop back often.