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Office of the Supervisor of Assessments
Kelly Joiner

The duties of the Supervisor of Assessments (Chief County Assessment Officer - CCAO) include assisting taxpayers to ensure fair and accurate assessment of property in Hancock County, compiling assessment data from the township assessors, applying township equalization factors, maintaining ownership and exemption records, calculating farmland assessments, serving as clerk of the board of review, maintaining the GIS mapping system, ensuring proper flood plain administration, and serving as a member of the plat committee.

Kelly Joiner - Supervisor of Assessments
Heidi Wilson - Deputy Supervisor of Assessments
Kristen Palmer - Deputy Supervisor of Assessments

Information You May Need

The 2017 SENIOR CITIZEN ASSESSMENT FREEZE form (PTAX-340) is due to the Assessment Office by July 1, 2017.

SENIOR CITIZENS HOMESTEAD EXEMPTIONS --- Once you have turned 65 and have filed your application for the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption (PTAX-324), no further action is necessary. The renewal form (PTAX-329) that formerly had to be submitted annually is no longer required.